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Reading Report | Who Are The Most Valuable Brands in China

Netease Data (网易数独) has asked its audience who are the brands they trust most across different categories in 2020. Brands such as Xiaomi, Starbucks, Bilibili and many more are winning the hearts of Chinese consumers. The proportion of global and domestic brands varies by category. Let’s see who is winning in brand value in China?

The results are from a survey of 13,078 valid participants asking which brands they consider to be good (好品牌).

Chain café & tea houses

Starbucks ranks No.1 in this sector where domestic brands such as HeyTea and SexyTea (both are very young tea house brands, established in 2012 and 2013 respectively, grown from a single city brand to a nationwide chain)dominate the list.



Domestic brands have taken all the top places with Moutai (who is also the biggest stock in China by its market value) being the most trusted brand in this sector. The cocktail drink brand Rio has made it to no.5 with its huge popularity among the younger generation.


Personal care

The toiletries category is the major battlefield between Unilever and P&G with the Chinese domestic brands failing to make the top 5.


Video streaming

Bilibili ranks as the most favourite brand in video streaming, surprisingly, even though the daily active users from Youku (MAU:+110 million) and Tencent video (MAU:217 million) are significantly higher than Bilibili (MAU:43 million). Consumers seem to see Bilili as a very trustworthy brand compared to the platforms with a huge user base.


E-commerce marketplace

The ranking is very similar to their actual user base in China with Taobao (owned by Alibaba) topping the list, followed by, Tmall and the new riser Pinduoduo.


Small home appliance

Xiaomi ranks as the best brand in this sector. It’s Xiaomi Youpin home appliance arm is relatively new (only 4 years old), compared to the rest of the brands in the category who all have a long-established history: Midea (53-year-old), Philips (130-year-old), Gree (30-year-old), Haier (37-year-old).



It is no longer a competition between Apple and Samsung. Huawei ranks no.1 as the favourite smartphone brands among Chinese consumers, followed by Apple, Xiaomi and Oppo.


Affordable & Luxury Skincare

While the luxury skincare top position is dominated by the 3 major group - L'Oréal, Estée Lauder and Shiseido, domestic brands are gaining ground in the affordable skincare list.


A strong brand sells without advertisement. Although we can’t compare this with last year (this seems to be the first year this survey has been undertaken), the rate of change in certain categories seems very high, with domestic brands challenging the dominance of foreign multinational brands. I can’t wait to see how the list has changed next year.

For the full list please visit 网易数独.

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