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  • Ada Luo

Reading Report | The Year on Douyin 2020

Douyin (Tiktok’s cousin in China, also owned by ByteDance) just released its 2020 key user behaviour data today. Since its creation back in 2016, Douyin has grown into a super social media app in China with a whopping 600 million daily active users, second only to wechat. Similar success can be seen around the world with Tiktok and its over 800 million monthly users.

What is the story Douyin wants to tell?

Not just a video platform

There are more than 400 million video searches occurring within Douyin every day.

How do users interact with Douyin?

8-9pm on Sunday is the most popular time to shoot Douyin video in China.

How do different generations consume content differently on Douyin?

  • Gen Z loves shooting and watching animated videos.

  • Millennials like making videos of babies and scenery while watching news and fashion videos on Douyin.

  • Gen Y loves sharing videos of lovely food whilst enjoying wedding videos on Douyin.

  • Baby boomers enjoy sharing dancing videos with the world and absolutely love watching baby videos.

A year of disaster and hope

Douyin witnessed the recovery of Chinese domestic tourism through users daily check-in activities at national tourist spots continuing to climb since the 2020 Chinese New Year (February).

These are just a few of the highlights - for the full report please visit Douyin.

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